[♠]  Solo for Two - What secret is the owner of Magda’s Menagerie hiding in his clockwork birds? The answer lies in a bygone summer, when two lonely boys held a connection over German books and clockwork birds. A summer that left Erik only with memories and Charles with a clockwork bird with no feet.

This masterpost is ALSO ridiculously overdue but better late than never. 

This is a  story about two boys separated by circumstance and how they found each other again. When I first drew this prompt I was interested in the idea of missed chances and second chances (and obviously, steampunk). This turned out really adorable. I love my writer.

Collaboration with Sunaga in X-Men Reverse Big Bang 2012







#its ridiculous how much i love this pairing IT SET THE BAR FOR ALL OTHER PAIRINGS EVER I THINK

#THIS FUCKING SCENE #DO YOU GUYS UNDERSTAND #DO YOU GUYS KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT THIS SCENE #he’s a loser kitchen boy who wanted to be a part of the glittering royal world #and he risked his life to save the princess who had never acknowledged his existance #and he even stood up to ARMED GUARDS TO KEEP HER SAFE#and then he turns into a bitter man #and he ends up falling in love with this girl he barely knows and he doesn’t want to #AND SHE TURNS OUT TO BE HIS LOST PRINCESS #AND SHE CAN’T REMEMBER ANYTHING ABOUT HER LIFE /BUT SHE CAN REMEMBER HIM/ #literally curled up and crying about it #i hate this movie so much

i’m still haunted by the line “princesses don’t marry kitchen boys” because the absolute _resignation_ and heartbreak in that line still hurts my heart.

This movie is the best and if you think otherwise you can fight me.